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How to start a car wash business in Nigeria

Car wash business is a very lucrative business in Nigeria. Car owners always have to wash their cars as often as possible, to keep their cars as clean as possible. No car owner wants to drive around with a...

How to start selling on Konga (Complete guide)

Selling on Konga is the act of putting up a product for sale using Konga online ecommerce website as the selling point for customers to buy from you, and advertising the product digitally on Facebook, Instagram, and blogging or...

How to start selling on Jumia (Complete guide)

We earlier talked about how to start selling on Konga and we got a lots of comment about us dropping tutorial on how to start selling on Jumia, Hence, birth this articles. Selling on Jumia involves offering wide-ranging products for...

How To Join Nollywood Movie Industry 2022: All You Need To Know.

Many actors and actresses who started without connections made many sacrifices, many succeed and  yet some didn’t succeed. Such is the cost of being an actor. I will be taking one from the three biggest movie industries in the world...

57 Most Profitable Business Ideas in Nigeria For Student To Do & Make Money Now

To be a successful entrepreneur in Nigeria, it is essential you take a feasibility study of your environment and available market and most importantly your attention should be gear towards solving a particular problem. While you planned doing business in Nigeria, we have outlined the most profitable business ideas in Nigeria. Some of them can be started with very little capital.

10 Best Small Business Ideas To Start At Nigeria University

In the event that you are a student in Nigeria and edgy to begin gaining your own cash, yet you think it is totally miserable for student to get a rewarding line of work, you are incorrect. On the...
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Benefits of putting your business on social media

Many people in Nigeria are gradually coming to know the advantages that social media offers. No wonder why there...
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