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8 Steps To Become Creative Student

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
I’m Adetunji Matthew, an Economist, Social Media Manager, software Developer/Marketer Sales Consultant, and Ecompreneur. I’m popularly known as “Matt” As an artist and designer, I aim to create something brilliant daily. Eager to learn more, I use my free time to get better at w hat interests me, whether it's researching, teaching, or even something entirely new.
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As a Student, you need to be Cool and Creative. To become a Creative Student doesn’t only require your confession; It requires you to work on your Mindset and Lifestyle. You need to think and act differently.

I know you love and admire people who are very creative. You can actually become one if you mean it. The secrets you need to become a cool and creative student is wrapped in this article.

1. Don’t Feel Too Big

To be a cool and creative student, you must see through the eyes of a child. Creatives long to see through the eyes of a child and never lose a sense of wonder.

You must always see life as a mystery and adventure. Explore the various possibilities of life and attempt even the impossible.

In whatever you do, remain humble. If you are not humble, you will stumble. If you are too proud, you will become too heavy for people to carry along.

2. Work Under Pressure

You don’t get orange juice until you subject orange to pressure. You must learn to work under pressure. Creatives are notorious procrastinators because many do their best work under pressure.

3. Increase Your Persistence

Anytime you come across a resistance, increase your persistence. Take every moment of your life very serious. Continue even if you have failed many times. Get results!

4. You Must be Focused

The creative mind is a non-stop machine fueled by intense curiosity. To be a creative person, you need to delete the pause button from your mind. Engage in intense mental processes. Even if you face interruptions, try to re-focus your mind on what you are doing.

5. Have a Quiet time

Highly creative people spend time in the secret. It is what you learn in the secret that you display publicly. Be organized and energized by taking big mental leaps and starting new things. Reflect on where you are missing it and try to improve.

Engage in productive thinking in your quiet times. One benefit of quiets times and thinking is that they make you more productive.

6. Be Yourself

Fake is very expensive to maintain. It is better to be authentic than to be popular. There are times you may be misunderstood or marginalized, do not get tired.

The fact that others do not appreciate or understand you should not let you give up on what creates the desired result of your life. Continually do what makes you happy and fulfilled.

7. Dream With Your Eyes Open

The best time to dream is when your eyes are open. To be a creative student, you must learn to dream during the day. Close your eyes and begin to imagine how you can change the world. Project yourself into the real world and look for what is new.

8. Be A Better Version

No one is perfect, however, there are certain habits you can improve on. With every passing day, ask yourself, where am I missing it and what are the things I should do to make me a better person?

Always work on your character and attitude towards people. Remember, it is your attitude that determines your altitude. You don’t decide your future, you decide your habits and it is your habits that decides your future.

I hope you found this helpful? Feel free to let me know how you feel and don’t fail to share with others.



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