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5 Things To Note While Going On A Date

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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Thinking about going on that date? You are wondering what you should do or not do because you do not want to spoil your reputation with that man/woman, here are some tips on what you should never do on a date:

Avoid lateness

As humans, being late to any outing shows we don’t take the party serious. Punctuality is always important, especially on the first date. If you show up late, it will send the message that you just don’t care. Reduce your chances of a late arrival by departing earlier than usual. Being late says a lot about your personality.

Dress smartly

If you show up looking a mess, it shows that you don’t care about yourself, hence, you can’t care about another person.  If you really couldn’t care less, just cancel the date and stay home. Don’t ask someone out just to pass the time or because you’re lonely.

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Don’t be Argumentative

State your opinions as clear as possible, don’t get into an unnecessary argument, it makes you look unintelligent. You’ll be better off by sticking with some lighter topics. If you make it past the first couple of dates and start seeing each other regularly, there will be plenty of time for arguing, if that’s your thing. Be polite and respect your date’s opinion.

Don’t invite your friends

Date is an avenue to get to know the other person, taking your friends along is a bad move. Save the group outings for later on in your relationship.

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Don’t discuss your life

You should not discuss your whole life story in a date. You can do that subsequently when you get to know each other. Pouring out your life details will bore the other party out. Keep the conversation fun and light. In addition, your date will think that if you’re ready to share everything upfront you do that with everyone you meet.

What other tips do you know? Share in the comment section.


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