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5 things people don’t consider as cheating but actually is

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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Here are some things that cross relationship boundaries and ruin trust.

Women cheat almost as much as men but hardly get caught

What is cheating? We know that when you have sexual intercourse with someone other than your partner, you have cheated on them but what of those actions that haven’t yet led to sexual intercourse, but can leave your partner feeling hurt and betrayed.

1. Always calling and texting someone else

Nothing hurts your partner more than when they call you but your line is busy because you are talking endlessly to someone else. ‘Who were you talking to?’ they ask, ‘it’s just a friend’ you say.

No one should have that much closeness and access to you, especially, a member of the opposite sex.

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2. Sexting

Sexting refers to sex chats and nude pictures sent back and forth. I have heard people say, ‘we are just talking. We are never going to do anything’. Imagine how hurt your partner will be if they ever read such chats.

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3. Expressing feelings for someone else

This is known as emotional cheating, saying things like, “I wish I met you before my wife or husband,” “I love you,” “I miss you,” “I wish you were here,” to someone other than your partner is wrong, and it is a foot in the door to having intercourse.

4. Going on dates with someone else and not telling your partner

It makes no sense to go to the restaurant or the movies with the opposite sex to just ‘hang out’ without telling your partner. That’s a date, no matter how you look at it, and dates are romantic.

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5. Making out

“It was just a kiss, it was just hand stuff. We didn’t have sex.” Sigh! Whatever twisted logic you are using to explain this doesn’t make sense. Foreplay is part of sexual activity, and engaging in it, is cheating.


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