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4 Unconventional Jobs To Try In Nigeria

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Adetunji Matthew
Adetunji Matthew
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The career paths of this world are numerous. Some of which are tagged more important and sophisticated than others. In the society that we live in, people place a high value on careers in the science, technology, and financial services sector.

However, the world is evolving, and people are becoming more enlightened about the endless possibilities and financial stability several other careers offer.

High-income earnings are an important factor for many people when choosing a career. As the Yoruba saying goes, “Owo ni Koko” meaning money is the principal thing. These days people are taking career paths that lead to making money.

It is no wonder digital marketing and social media influencing has become popular amongst many around the world. These online jobs pay well, for those maximising the use of their platform.

Nevertheless, there are more jobs outside of the box that can fetch good returns. Here are 4 infamous jobs with high rate earnings:

Thrift business

Engaging in the thrift business can be lucrative. Thrift business involves the buying and selling of fairly used items from countries abroad specifically, the UK, China, and Korea.

These items include; fashion wears morale and female, various home appliances, children toys among many others.

The thrift industry is a booming sector, with thrift-style businesses having an earning rate of $17 billion a year in just the US.

In Nigeria, an average thrift business owner earns between 200,000 Naira and above in a month.

The business is a straightforward and open business for all. You don’t have to tender a certificate or have prior knowledge of how to operate in the sector.

The business gives room for wholesalers and retailers to make good profits. It is also cheap and easy to set up. You can start a thrift business with a capital as low as 10,000 Naira and make almost double of the capital.

Also, you don’t need a shop to start your thrift business. Thanks to social media, you can connect to a potential customer without having to do so much. Just find your niche, a social media account, take a wonderful picture of what you are selling and you are on the go.

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Cattle rearing

This business can be dangerous, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the infamous high earning rate businesses in Nigeria. In this part of the world, the notion of cattle rearing is boxed. Many believe it to be a business for only Hausa and the Fulani men.

This notion is false, anyone can be a cattle rearer just as anyone can decide to become a doctor.

Although a bit costly to start up, the cattle farming business is very profitable. A small-sized cow can sell for 200,000 naira.

It is a business that cannot run into losses because every day, a large number of Nigerians consume beef. The cows can also be milked to produce cow milk for consumption. You can create your milk product and sell it. More so, the poop of a cow can be sold as a fertiliser for plants.

Cattle rearing stands as one of the safest animal rearing businesses in Nigeria because you won’t have to worry much about diseases. After all, cows are immune to a large number of diseases.

Waste collection

This business has to do with picking up rubbish, but the profits from it are nothing close to rubbish. Because of all manners of trash packing, you would need to condone with, many people shy away from starting this business. Unknown that it is a business that can fetch you millions.

A waste collector can make over 350,000 Naira monthly by collecting waste from houses. A waste collector can charge 2,000 – 4,000 Naira each from a building in residential and commercial areas depending on the size of the waste.

The possibility of the profit increasing monthly is high because wastes are disposed of in homes daily.

The state government in Nigeria is charged with the responsibility of disposing of waste but there is only so much they can do.

This is why people contact private residential or commercial trash collectors to dispose of their waste. Especially in estate housing areas, hospitals, and printing press companies.

It is easy to start up the business, although it requires a reasonable amount of capital and a permit from the government.

To kick start, what is needed is a truck or van, equipment for packing the dirt such as shovel, gloves, and rakes amongst others, an office space with a parking space, two or three workers excluding the driver, and authorisation from the state government.

This is a business that does not require an educational background. Anyone can engage in the business and begin to enjoy wealth.

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Plastic Recycling business

This recycling business deals with the collection of plastic waste materials like nylon materials and plastic bottles used for soft drinks, process the waste, and make it into a product that can be used.

This business is a highly profitable one because the materials needed for it can be found in the environment around us in Nigeria.

About 50% of the products produced in Nigeria are put back into the environment as waste. Therefore, it is evident that there is no lack of materials in this business.

The only materials that will be outsourced are the machines used for recycling the waste materials. These recycled wastes can be turned into backpacks, purses, or eco-friendly interlocking tiles. These items are put on sale for the use of the people.

The income from each of these businesses is a huge turnover from the capital. These sectors are not populated, so it might be substantial to consider exploring one, to maximise profits.


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